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United Brotherhood of Carpenters

Executive Director of the Central South Carpenters & Millwrights Training Trust Fund

†The building trades unions, including the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, have chosen Registered Apprenticeship as the means for training new members entering the trade.† The training fundís apprenticeship program is registered with the Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship.† In addition, the training fund offers Journeyman Upgrade training for union members.† There is a strong emphasis on safety training for both apprentices and journeymen.† The training fundís goal is to provide UBC members with the training they need to be safe, productive and successful.
The Executive Director is responsible for the day to day operation of the training fund, under the direction of the Board of Trustees. Experience working in the field as a carpenter, millwright, foreman, or superintendent is preferred, as well as experience as an instructor.† Since our job is to train union members, union membership, understanding how the union works and the benefits of membership would also be helpful.


  • Maintain and update Apprenticeship Training Standards
  • Maintain and update Journeyman Enhancement Standards.
  • Maintain and update Apprenticeship Data Base as reported by area programs.
  • Schedule coordinators and instructors for training at the Carpenters International Training Center.
  • Insure all programs comply with all Federal, State or Local requirements.
  • Keep all coordinators informed of any changes to training standards.
  • Research and obtain grants for the training programs.
  • Work with area coordinators to obtain and or keep current funding through School District, Community Colleges or Chapter 133.
  • Ensure programs meet all standards required by the International Training Center and keep all certifications current.
  • Prepare and send reports, agendas and meeting minutes to the area apprenticeship committee.
  • Monthly and yearly financial statements.
  • Monthly and yearly budget vs. actual costs,
  • Monthly apprentice enrollment into programs as reported by local areas.
  • Receive and respond to all communications as promptly as possible.
  • Receive and deposit all monies received into appropriate accounts.
  • Issue payment for all approved expenditures.
  • Approve all travel requests by area coordinators and instructors.
  • Reconcile all checking/savings/credit card and investment accounts.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and audit the area program records.
  • Prepare all financial records for the CPA to conduct audits as required by the CSCMTTF Board of Trustees.
  • Maintain and keep files on all correspondence and transactions in order.
  • Hire, supervise and evaluate area coordinators and support staff on a regular basis.† †Suspend personnel that are not performing their duties as required, or for disciplinary reasons.
  • Ensure that all area coordinators and office employees perform their respective duties according to their job descriptions.
  • Maintain a current inventory of all equipment and supplies for the CSCMTTF and require all area coordinators to do the same for their program.
  • Present requests for the purchase of major equipment and building requests to the CSCMTTF Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Send notifications and arrangements of all CSCMTTF and/or Area Coordinators meetings.
  • Prepare the Agenda for CSCMTTF meetings.
  • Prepare any and all necessary reports for meetings.
  • Any other duties the CSCMTTF Board of Trustees may direct from time to time.
  • Attend all area committee meetings.
  • Continue and expand the efforts of the CSCMTTF to increase diversity and inclusion.

†The training fundís Board of Trustees are currently accepting applications for this position.††

Please email your resume to† Applications will be accepted until October 15, 2022.

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